Hi there! 👋️

I’m a multi-facted and award-winning creative professional with a huge admiration for film, television, digital marketing, social media, art & design.

I have over 8 years in digital, creative and television experience building strong professional relationships, content creation and effective project management of productions. Most of all, I love the creative process and I really enjoy working with talented people to build a strong and impactful look and feel. I have experience in end-to-end productions and campaigns, from leading development of a creative concept through to the presentation of final deliverables - bringing ideas to life.

And of course, I absolutely love being hands-on having filmed or edited some of my work too!

Here’s the downlow on me:

  • I like to think outside the box, make bold suggestions and take things to the next level
  • I’m a strong and determined team player and leader, I enjoy working with like-minded individuals and love the energy of the industry
  • I’m quick to learn new tools, tech-savvy and not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • I have Expert Level Skills in software and Producing Practices including Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, After Effects, Photoshop, Shotgun, Filemaker Pro, Asana, Jira, Trello, Social Media Management, B2C Marketing, CMS & CRM systems, EDM and MS Office on both Mac and PCs

I have an artist’s mentality (BA in Fine Arts/Media Arts) whereby I am always creative, curious and observant of the world with a working knowledge of pre & post-production techniques and terminology.

I’m currently based in Sydney, Australia and am always open to having a chat! Head over to my CONTACT page and let’s make something cool soon.


Click HERE to download my resume.

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